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Historical Preservation Society of the First Nation Peoples is one of only a handful of preservation societies across the country that focuses exclusively on the art, history, and culture of Native American and First Nation peoples from throughout the United States and Canada.  It promotes public understanding of cultural diversity through first voice perspectives.

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Many thousands of years ago, late in the Ice Age, humans journeyed across the Bering land bridge, from Asia into Alaska. As early as 1000 BC, they had covered nearly the entire continent. Some archaeologists believe it might have been about 12000 BC.


For thousands of years, artisans have expressed their cultural stories in a wide range of jewelry: showing off local and prized trade materials, expressing traditional symbols, and perfecting new techniques and designs adapted from other cultures. 

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When all people know the correct narrative about First Nations Peoples and learn the vital, unique, and ongoing contributions of this country’s original inhabitants, there is greater understanding — and ultimately better outcomes for students, communities and our nation.

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